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The main feature in the technology of alcoholic is that for the production is used not only alcohol rectified from wheat, but also cognac and fruit alcohols, which enrich the taste and aroma of beverages. All used alcohols of the highest quality must undergo a selection and strict laboratory control.

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Quality Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

We use not only rectified alcohol from wheat, but also brandy and fruit alcohols

Natural sunshine

Quality Products

All our products have passed many tests and have all the relevant certificates of quality.


Blend of drinks

A blend is a mixing in a certain ratio of a measured amount of various types of raw materials, alcohols and water

Unrivalled taste


Only new bottles are used for all our drinks. Bottling takes place on special bottling machines


Natural wine TM "Perfetto"

Представляем Вашему вниманию две новинки от компании СТРОНГДРИНК.

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Black Jack НОТ

Вермут – один из самых «древних» напитков, история происхождения которого уходит корнями в период существования Древнего Египта.

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